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Name Parent(s) Birth Date
Rylee Lynn Carissa and Mitch4/3/2017
Josie Lynn Amber and William4/1/2017
Charlotte Ann Abigail and Brennen3/21/2017
Abel Joseph Melissa and Bradley3/9/2017
Skylar Jo Jessica and Ryan3/7/2017
Landon Jay Jessica and Josh3/3/2017
Anson Daniel Tabetha and Aaron3/2/2017
Adelyne Marie Megan and Clinton3/2/2017
Arya Loraine Krista and Richard2/28/2017
Talon Adam Jenna and Brian2/21/2017
Baize Joseph Kelsie and Dominick2/6/2017
Aubrey Johanna Christina and Rich1/19/2017
Everly MiKayla Tori and Rosten1/19/2017
Josiah King James Jade and Jeremiah1/18/2017
Giada Chanel Delfina and James1/17/2017
Sophia Lorae Jaclyn and Samuel1/6/2017
Leila Angela Angela and Kelly1/6/2017
Rory James Arlo Miranda and James1/3/2017
Ivan Jon Emily and Dillon12/31/2016
Makenna Jo Elisa and Brett12/30/2016
Jacob John Andrea and Tyler12/28/2016
Kaiser James Jenna and Josh12/21/2016
Zeiss Josie Josie and Todd12/20/2016
Aubrey Haven Jenny and Trey12/19/2016
Wilder Jeffry Alexis and Garrett12/5/2016
Alexia Isabella Danielle11/29/2016
Ace James Leshay and Jordan11/24/2016
Oakley Justice Nicole and Royal11/23/2016
Clara Mae Shell and Brent11/22/2016
Elianore Judy Tara and Micheal11/17/2016
Alexander William Kayla and Adam11/16/2016
Briggs Raymond Kelsey and Steve11/16/2016
Remy Lou Melissa and Lucas11/14/2016
Michael James Sapphire and Scott11/14/2016
Allison Taylor Kristina and Ben11/11/2016
Nora Rose Elena and Brent11/8/2016
Suleman Abdi Ayan and Abdi11/7/2016
Dylan Ariel Alma and Jorge11/1/2016
Quincy Terrance Leah and Kyle10/30/2016
Ezra Wyatt Charles and Mirdalys10/29/2016
Jett Rockwell Stacey and Brandon10/28/2016
Ellie Marie Kailee and Bryan10/20/2016
Josephine Lynn Jessica and Jake10/19/2016
Bella Marie Sydney and Marquis10/11/2016
Braxten Joshua Kayla and Kyle9/28/2016
Eleanor Ann Jessie and Joseph9/28/2016
Scarlett Leigh Chelsea and Justin9/27/2016
Hadley Stacy and Nathan9/26/2016
Tucker Alan Kailey and Bill9/21/2016
Teagan Krystopher Jennifer and Landyn9/20/2016
Silas Robert Samantha and Travis9/14/2016
Lana Christine Ann and Gabe9/12/2016
Beckett Anthony Amber and Michael9/10/2016
Penelope Eloise Nichole and Tony9/9/2016
Silas Tui'pine Ann and Jesse9/9/2016
Bridget Ruth Mallory and Ethan9/6/2016
Ellie Grace Ashley and Nick9/2/2016
Diesel Brandt Karey and Aaron8/30/2016
Anas Abdullahi Suad and Abdullahi8/29/2016
Gabriel Trent Katie and Trent8/16/2016
Morgan Grace Katie and Bryan8/16/2016
Grayson Christian Elizabeth and Travis8/15/2016
Hadley Dayle Jessica and Troy8/10/2016
Lola Jane Katie and Cody8/10/2016
Kaylynn Ann April and Tyler8/10/2016
Charlotte Rey Jamie and Jon8/10/2016
Ailey Audrey Amanda and Scott8/1/2016
Lydia Mae Rachel and Chris8/1/2016
Ella Rose Felicia and Cole7/27/2016
Sadie Joyce ReAnna and Shane7/25/2016
Alex Twain Karlee and Jacob7/24/2016
Wyatt Christopher Jami and Chris7/14/2016
Rylie Elaine Kari and Benjamin7/14/2016
Mason Russell Nicole and Nick7/11/2016
Bella Bonita Julie and Brad7/11/2016
Finley Rae Jodi and Travis7/7/2016
Grace Noel Maria7/5/2016
Zoey Olivia Tracy and Mike7/2/2016
Gage Ryan Kayla and Jared7/2/2016
June K Hanna and Tyler6/29/2016
Jordan James Amber and Delvin6/29/2016
Zaraiya Lynae Heather and Virgil6/28/2016
Lucielle Mariee Ashlee and Richard6/25/2016
Everett Arthur Lacey and Jordan6/24/2016
Hani Ali Rukiyo and Ali6/23/2016
Isaiah Anderson Keri and Luke6/22/2016
Reid Michael Ashley and Brian6/21/2016
Avery Marie Launa and Jonathan6/20/2016
Camden Wayne Kayla and Dustin6/19/2016
Graham William Mandy & Matt6/17/2016
Mya Margaret Kimberly and Jacob6/13/2016
Jasmine Danielle Sarah6/11/2016
Elle Marie Jaclyn and Todd6/10/2016
Reese Malin Laura and Jascha6/7/2016
Alexander Remus Lee Samantha and Andrew6/6/2016
Chase Brent Nicole and Brent6/3/2016
Phoenix Michael and Lucien Michael Sarah and Michael5/31/2016
Kamryn Ann Heidi and Isaac5/28/2016
Lexie Lynn Samantha and Steven5/28/2016
Rori Rae Kaci and Mike5/27/2016
Ryan Jonathan Megan and Jonathan5/20/2016
Blake Lucille Kaylee and Jordan5/18/2016
Joseph John Samantha and Casey5/16/2016
Maisie Therese Julia and Ken5/13/2016
Reva Jean Breanna and Curtis5/9/2016
Lindy LouAnn Rebecca and Gary5/5/2016
Harrison Herman Kyla and Kasey5/5/2016
Amelia Grace Sarah and Bryan5/3/2016