Board of Trustees

The Perham Hospital District was formed in 1976 and is a governmental entity with a 14 member Board of Trustees. The board represents three cities, ten townships, and an at-large position.

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Terry Marthaler, Chair



Terry Marthaler, Chair - Edna Township




Alisyn Keil, Vice Chair



Alisyn Keil, Vice Chair - Gorman Township




Thomas Meyer, Clerk



Thomas Meyer, Clerk - Dora Township




John Halvorson, Treasurer



John Halvorson, Treasurer - Star Lake Township






Al Berube, Board Member - Pine Lake Township




Gilbert Ebner



Gilbert Ebner, Board Member - City of Richville




Eugene Jahnke



Eugene Jahnke, Board Member - Rush Lake Township




Jerry Kunza



Jerry Kunza, Board Member - City of Perham






Staci Malikowski, Board Member - Corliss Township




Cyndy Rastedt



Cyndy Rastedt, Board Member - Ottertail Township




Rich Richter



Rich Richter, Board Member - Perham Township




Spencer Schram, Board Member - Dead Lake Township


Dean Simpson



Dean Simpson, Member At-Large




Ryan Strugar



Ryan Strugar, Board Member - City of Dent




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