Massage Therapy

Massage helps prepare the body and extend the benefits of chiropractic adjustments by relaxing the mind and body, relieving stress and tension, increasing blood circulation, enhancing the immune system, increasing range of motion, renewing energy, and reducing pain.


Swedish Massage

This most common type of massage uses slow moving and soothing techniques to bring relaxation back into your day.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Swedish massage using deeper pressure and deeper techniques to separate muscle fibers and penetrate blood flow to aching muscles.

Pregnancy Massage

For the mother-to-be, pregnancy massage will bring peace to the mind and body. It prepares you for the arrival of baby by relaxing tense muscles, decreasing stress, increasing circulation, and improving mobility. The pregnancy body cushion enables you to lie face down during the massage, providing support and relief to your body’s changes.

Chair Massage

Seated in a portable massage chair, shoulders, back, head, arms and hands are massaged. This is also available in corporate settings to alleviate repetitive use injuries. Available on-site for events such as health expos and fund-raisers.

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient form of massage that incorporates heated basalt stones to warm and soften muscles in order to relax them more effectively.

Raindrop Therapy

Enjoy the wonderful aroma of nine essential oils dropped and massaged into the feet and along the spine. Beneficial for those suffering with migraines, arthritis, and back problems such as scoliosis.


100% therapeutic grade essential oils chosen by you to be used throughout your entire massage.

Lava Shell Massage

These real Tiger Striped Clam Shells are polished and heated without electricity. They are massaged on the body with mango green tea oil to improve skin and relax tight muscles. Indulge in this tropical experience anytime of the year.


Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Pregnancy Massage

15 minutes - $17
30 minutes - $34
45 minutes - $51
60 minutes - $68
90 minutes - $102
Purchase three one-hour massages and save $15.

Chair Massage

15 minutes - $17
30 minutes - $34

Hot Stone, Raindrop Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Lava Shell Massage

30 minutes - $46
45 minutes - $63
60 minutes - $80
90 minutes - $114

Locations and Contact

Massage services are available by our certified professionals at:


          Leah Davis,                                                            Mara Iesalnieks
      Massage Therapist                                                 Massage Therapist
Perham Health Nelson Therapy Center
1000 Coney Street W
Perham Health - Ottertail Clinic
105 Otter Drive
Perham Health Nelson Therapy Center
1000 Coney Street W