The birth of a child is one of life's most amazing experiences. No two experiences are ever alike, that's why our experienced, supportive staff really listens to you to individualize your delivery to make your baby's birth safe, comfortable, and very special.
Some of our amenities include:
To help prepare for baby, our Great Expectations childbirth education and infant care classes are offered to all expectant parents.  Just for moms, our Healthy Happy Mama group offers an opportunity to share, network, and learn from each other and trained medical professionals after baby's birth.

Learn more about our OB providers:           

       Dr. Jaimie Deraney                             Dr. Kailey Witt 
              OB/GYN                                    Family Medicine
         Dr. Illene Reed                          
        Family Medicine                                                   
       Dr. Corey Nyhus
       Family Medicine