Board of Trustees

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The Perham Hospital District was formed in 1976 and is a governmental entity with a 14 member Board of Trustees. The board represents three cities, ten townships, and an at-large position.

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Meet Our Board Members

Terry Marthaler
Edna Township
Alisyn Keil
Vice Chair
Gorman Township
Thomas Meyer
Dora Township
Al Berube
Pine Lake Township
Alana VanWatermulen
Board Member
Star Lake Township
Cyndy Rastedt
Board Member
Ottertail Township
Dean Simpson
Board Member
Member At-Large
Eugene Jahnke
Board Member
Rush Lake Township
Gilbert Ebner
Board Member
City of Richville
Jerry Kunza
Board Member
City of Perham
Mike Brasel
Board Member
Corliss Township
Rich Richter
Board Member
Perham Township
Ryan Strugar
Board Member
City of Dent
Spencer Schram
Board Member
Dead Lake Township