Since the establishment of National Volunteer Week in 1974, volunteerism has continued to grow. Here are some quick facts about volunteering from the 2018 Volunteering in America report:

  • 77.34 million adults (30.3%) volunteered through some kind of organization
  • Americans contributed nearly 6.9 billion hours of volunteer work throughout the year
  • Millions more performed “informal volunteering” by supporting family in some way (43.1%) or helping their neighbors (51.4%)

Volunteering at Perham Health

At Perham Health, our volunteers assist us with many different tasks and activities in an effort to help improve the experience for our patients, residents, and visitors.

Perham Health Volunteers

On the hospital campus, our volunteers staff the gift shop and greet visitors with a smile at the main entrance. These volunteers also provide guidance and answer any questions from visitors. Additionally, our hospital volunteers sit on committees to improve our quality of care and provide friendly company and activities to patients in the hospital.

Perham Living Volunteers

On our Perham Living campus, volunteers work alongside staff to help bring our residents joy every day. Volunteers assist with all kinds of games and craft activities, offer companionship to residents, provide a variety of musical opportunities (by performing themselves or helping to organize a musical event for our residents), staff the gift shop (which gives our residents a fun place to shop), and keep our Courtyard of Caring well-tended and blooming for all to enjoy.

In addition to the many volunteer activities, Perham Health Volunteers also fundraise to support the volunteer grant program. The volunteer grant program is used to purchase items that support and enhance the patient, resident, and visitor experience. Since 2007, the Perham Health Volunteers have raised and gifted over $70,000 back to the Perham Health organization.

Why Volunteering Matters

As a rural healthcare organization, we depend on our volunteers to help carry out the vison of achieving optimal health for all and ensure that everyone receiving care at Perham Health has a positive experience. Currently, over 125 people volunteer at Perham Health. In 2019, Perham Health volunteers volunteered roughly 7,000 hours which is equivalent to 3.4 full-time employees / $190,400 in value.

What Our Volunteers Love Most

  • “I volunteer because of the people and it gives me a reason to get out of the house. It was the best feeling when I returned to delivering mail after COVID-19 and the residents remembered me and were so excited to see me again.”
    – Irene S. (Mail Delivery)
  • “I volunteer because of the people. Greeting people at the front door brings me such joy. Especially watching those little ones come through.”
    – Jerry B. (Greeter)

A Truly Rewarding Experience

On this National Volunteer Week, we send out a heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers for their selfless work and dedication to Perham Health. Interested in volunteering at Perham Health? Click here to learn more and apply.


Maggie Fresonke
Population Health Coordinator