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Payment Form
Thank you for your payment and for choosing Perham Health! Please have your account number and/or statement information readily available when making a payment.

Prompt-Pay Discount

You may be eligible for a Prompt-Pay Discount if you pay your balance by the due date of your first statement. To receive this discount, please contact Patient Account Services at (218) 347-1350, text (256) 964-3891, by using the message button at the end of this page, or call toll-free at (866) 346-7644.

Payment Policy

If otherwise specified, all payments will be applied to the oldest balance first.

  1. Balances under $500 are to be paid in full within the statement due date.
  2. Balances greater than $500 are to be paid in full in three equal monthly payments.
  3. If you are unable to meet these options, please contact Patient Account Services at (218) 347-1350 or toll-free at (866) 346-7644 to discuss other payment options or financial assistance.

*Please be aware, you may receive a bill from Sanford Health for certain services. For most services provided at Perham Health, you will be billed by Perham Health. However, there are some specialty services that are provided by Sanford Health in our building, such as urology, orthopedics, OBGyn, sleep medicine, radiology, or pathology. If your provider is a specialist from Sanford Health, you will receive a bill from Sanford Health. In some cases, such as radiology, you will receive a bill from Perham Health for the radiology service and a separate bill from Sanford Health for the physician specialist who is involved in your care.