In 1902, the Franciscan Sisters founded the first hospital in Perham, Minnesota. For the past 115 years, Perham Health has been providing care for generations of area residents, for the individuals who have made up the surrounding communities and for all of those who have simply been passing through.

“Since the hospital’s founding in 1902, Perham Health has remained committed to three core principles: healing, health, and hospitality,” said Perham Health CEO, Chuck Hofius. “As has been the case throughout these 115 years and will be for the next 115 years, we’re determined to maintain a special relationship with our patients and their families while promoting healthcare that is innovative and effective.”

Providing healthcare for more than a century deserves recognition and is an opportunity to share our accomplishments with those who have been with us along the way – the community of Perham and the surrounding area. The public is invited to a community picnic to commemorate the 115 year milestone on Thursday, June 15, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on the Perham Health campus; rain or shine.