COVID-19 Information

Our number one priority is the safety of our residents. We continue to test residents and staff as necessary. The latest results and our current visitation status, will be updated regularly.

Situation update as of November 30, 2020

  • Visitation status – Visitor restrictions are in place. Compassionate visits at end-of-life are allowed.
  • Active cases –  none

About Perham Living

With fishing trips, a private dining room for family gatherings, and a town center to meet up with friends, Perham Living looks more like a small community than a nursing home. Residents attend household council meetings, and even participate in the interviewing of prospective employees. The “household model” of care incorporates staff and residents as divided into one of our six households; households include 16 residents each with permanently assigned staff. As a result of switching to the household model, residents have become more involved in how they live in their households. Residents tell the staff how they want to live: what time they want to get up; what they like to eat; what they want to do for the day; and when they would like to go to bed.

In addition to the households, a Town Center was created as a common meeting area for all residents. Included in the Town Center are a barber/beauty shop, a theatre, a gift store, a chapel, and a Courtyard Café. This gives residents the opportunity to leave their households and “go to town.” Perham Living caregivers are cross-trained in all areas and certified as nursing assistants to respond quickly to resident needs, no matter what they are. Everyone works hard, doing whatever needs to be done to make Perham Living the best possible home. It’s not just the residents and staff who are benefiting from the household model; family members of residents are being given peace-of-mind. It gives them comfort knowing that there is a beautiful home for their family member who is in need of skilled care.

Why Consider Perham Living

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Perham Living Remodel – FAQs

Why are we remodeling? Perham Living remodeled and opened its new addition to the nursing home in 2006. Since then, 96 residents and approximately 150 staff occupy the building every day. Significant wear-and-tear has occurred to the building. This refresh project will repair damage and wear to the building and will provide updated furnishing to improve the environment for those who call Perham Living Home.

The project includes primarily finishes: flooring, paint, fixtures, and furniture. Wall protection will be added to restrooms and certain areas throughout the household that currently see the most damage due to lifts and wheelchairs. The kitchens will be totally updated. The project does not include spa rooms, dens, pantries, and certain parts of the Town Center. The spas will be replaced at a later date.

The project will begin April 1, 2019, and anticipated to be completed at the end of 2020.

Each household will take approximately 12 weeks to complete – four to six weeks for each wing and one to two weeks to complete the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The project will start with the upper level households – Burlington and then Timber Grove. Once complete, the refresh will move to the lower level and commence in Pine Harbor and Harvest Glen, followed by Prairie Knoll, and, finally, Transitions.