Randolph Gibbs, MD


Hand Surgery


Dr. Gibbs received his medical degree from the University of Southern Illinois - School of Medicine in Springfield and completed his residency for general surgery at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. He completed his fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at the University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York.

Board Certifications

Board Certified by the American Board of General Surgery
Subspecialty certificate in Surgery of the Hand

As a hand surgeon, Dr. Gibbs specializes in the treatment of bones, joints, and muscle issues of the hand and upper extremities. His areas of expertise include endoscopic carpal tunnel and endoscopic cubital tunnel.

Specialized Services: Finger, hand and wrist fractures,Tendon, nerve and artery lacerations, Dupuytren’s disease, Endoscopic carpal, cubital tunnel releases, Congenital syndactyly, Arthritis, Wrist arthroscopy, Compressive Neuropathies – carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome, Hand and wrist tendonitis, Soft tissue elbow conditions, Ganglion cysts, Masses, TFCC tears

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