Perham Health’s Behavioral Health team focuses on helping individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, psychological and emotional stress reactions and behavioral needs. Our experienced team provides a variety of therapeutic strategies to reduce symptoms, improve life skills and help people regain control of their lives. We work with individuals and families to deal with relationship difficulties, pressure at home, at work and through life transitions.

Our behavioral health team focuses on two specialties

A psychiatrist is a doctor and a medical healthcare provider with at least 4 years of specialized study and training in psychiatry after medical school.

  • Provides medical and psychiatric evaluations
  • Prescribes and monitors medicines
  • Runs medical tests
  • Treats disorders

Psychologists are mental health professionals who diagnose, assess and treat mental health conditions. A psychologist has an advanced degree (master’s or doctoral) in psychology.

  • Counsels individuals and families during times of stress or grief
  • Helps in identifying and behaviors that can help patients deal with low mental health
  • Assesses and treats behavioral and cognitive issues
  • Plans treatment programs
  • Performs psychological testing and evaluations
  • Treats emotional and behavioral problems and mental disorders
  • Provides psychotherapy and behavior modification