Working alongside Perham Health medical doctors, chiropractors  Dr. Vincent Pankonin, Dr. Cheryl DeBoer, and Dr. Robb Reed help provide a non-invasive treatment option for patients with a variety of needs. Chiropractors consult with other doctors at Perham Health Clinic for items such as pain management medication. Patient care is connected as doctors work together to find the best treatment plan for each patient.

Common injuries treated include sprains of the neck or spinal region, lower back injuries, sciatica, headaches, foot/ankle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder injuries. Many people suffering with these conditions also find the addition of massage therapy beneficial.

A new chiropractic offering is Decompression Manipulation or Cox Technic — a gentle, low-forced procedure which works with the body’s natural design to aid in proper healing. This treatment is unique to Perham Health with Dr. Vincent Pankonin the only chiropractor certified in this technique in the region.

Decompression Manipulation is used to open the spinal canal, increase spinal joint mobility and relieve pressure off of spinal nerves for conditions including disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and disc degeneration.

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