Diabetes is a disease that affects how your body processes food. Your body needs insulin to help turn food into energy. When you have diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use the insulin it makes as well as it should. This leads to high blood sugar levels in your bloodstream which can turn into problems like heart disease, stroke, vision loss, or kidney disease. Education is a key aspect of care for anyone with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes.

Perham Health will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you self-manage your diabetes. Our experienced educator will meet you wherever you are in your diabetes diagnosis, providing support throughout your journey. You have the power to change things. Take the first step by learning more about our diabetes educational opportunities:

Counseling includes education on:

  • The diabetes disease process and treatment options
  • Incorporating nutritional management into lifestyle
  • Incorporating physical activity into lifestyle
  • Using medication(s) safely and for maximum therapeutic effectiveness
  • Monitoring blood glucose and other parameters and interpreting and using the results for self-management decision making
  • Preventing, detecting, and treating acute complications
  • Preventing, detecting, and treating chronic complications
  • Developing personal strategies to address psychosocial issues and concerns
  • Developing personal strategies to promote health and behavior change

Diabetes prevention programs start online in January. This CDC-recognized diabetes program, lasting one year, is for people with pre-diabetes and focuses on lifestyle changes. A healthy diet, exercise, and a7% weight loss can decrease the risk for diabetes by 60%.

Individual gestational diabetes education is provided to improve for the health of both mother and baby by working closely with the OB team to promote and improve blood glucose and lower risk of complications related to diabetes.

Incorporating diabetes technology can improve overall health. Technologies offered include personal sensor education, sensor starts, and insulin pump information.  Referrals to Sanford Fargo are coordinated for more in-depth insulin pump starts.

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