Health equipment is an important part of daily living and the healing process and can aid in better quality of life. We are here to meet your health equipment needs.

Medical Accessories Services

  • Breast pump and accessories
  • CPAP/BI-Pap/ASV machines and supplies
  • Knee and wrist braces / arm slings
  • Compression socks and sock aids
  • Walkers / Canes / Crutches
  • Standard wheelchair (retail and rental)
  • Pillows, lumbar supports and donut cushions
  • Daily living supplies – dressing sticks, shoes horns, reachers
  • Essential oils and diffusers
  • Knee scooters (rental)
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Bed support rails
  • Diabetic shoes and insoles
  • Nebulizer and supplies
  • Bathroom safety