Perham Health Foundation

The Perham Health Foundation supports Perham Health as the healthcare provider for the lakes area in West Central Minnesota.  The Perham Health Foundation supports health and wellness by supporting Perham Health in improving the quality of life in and around the community.  The Foundation’s goal is to ensure that Perham Health will have the best possible facilities and equipment to help you and your loved ones when medical care is needed. 

Your charitable gift is an investment in our community and in yourself.  The joy of giving expresses your concern and involvement.  Philanthropy knows no bounds—it truly is your love of your neighbors and friends demonstrated in the spirit of giving and caring. Your generosity helps Perham Health patients and families every single day. From lifesaving technology to something as simple as a coloring book, every contribution improves someone’s world. You might never meet the patients and families of Perham Health, but they know your generosity.

You may designate your gift to the Foundation as you wish:

  • General Fund – contributions that are not specifically designated for a stated purpose or use support Perham Health’s greatest needs
  • Capital and Equipment Fund – contributions specifically designed for building, equipment, and technology enhancement
  • Program Fund – contributions allocated for programs and their activities
  • Perham Living Fund – contributions specifically intended for older adult services and facilities
  • Endowment Fund – contributions are invested with only the annual earnings used to support the work of Perham Health

Your gifts truly matter. Your support ensures that you, your family, and your neighbors continue to receive state-of-the-art care from our expert and caring team.  All gifts, large and small, are welcome and appreciated. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue code.

Grateful Patient Program

After being cared for at Perham Health, you may want to thank those who helped you or your loved ones. Grateful Patient offers you the opportunity to honor a doctor, nurse, housekeeper or other caregiver who has touched your life in an important way. Hearing the words ‘thank you’ from a patient is more precious to health professionals than any other honor.

Pay tribute to a caregiver who has enriched your life, while helping to provide essential resources for a healthier tomorrow. Your donation helps fund program and equipment that add to the quality of care at Perham Health.

When you make a donation in honor of a caregiver, he or she will be presented with a special card informing him or her of your thoughtful gift.

Make a Donation

Perham Health Foundation

Gifts are accepted online or you may mail your donation to:

Perham Health Foundation
1000 Coney Street West
Perham, MN 56573

Grateful Patient Program

To make a gift, print the Grateful Patient brochure.

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