Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to improve cardiovascular status through exercise training and modifying risk factors for heart disease. If you have had a recent cardiac event, your physician may refer you to the outpatient cardiac rehab program at Perham Health.

An individualized exercise program is developed to assist you to meet your specific activity goals and desired outcomes. Cardiac rehabilitation is staffed by a registered nurse with education in cardiovascular disease or an exercise physiologist. The one-hour session is available three times a week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and includes warm-up, exercise, and education. During your initial visit, the nurse will work with you to create a schedule that works best for you to meet your goals.

For those who have had a recent cardiac event or surgery, have stable angina or heart failure, or intermittent claudication, your insurance may cover cardiac rehab for up to 36 visits or 12 weeks.

Phase 1 cardiac rehab occurs in the hospital immediately after having a heart attack, heart surgery, or exacerbation of congestive heart failure. It often consists of gentle exercises and walking to assist the heart in recovering, avoid the complications of bedrest and recover the ability to care for oneself.

Phase 2 occurs as an outpatient after discharge from the hospital, for up to 36 visits, and is covered by insurance. An individualized exercise program is developed and monitored by trained staff, and education is provided to modify risk factors for heart disease and improve recovery.

Phase 3 is a continuation of the exercise program begun in Phase 2, but without insurance coverage it is an out-of-pocket expense. Patients can exercise independently on the equipment, track their own body weight, blood pressure and heart rate, and practice independently managing their heart health with our trained staff available for questions as needed.