Perham Health has been recognized by the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) for superior performance in quality and patient safety as part of MHA’s Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN). MHA is one of 16 national, regional or state organizations selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to participate in HIIN. All 123 hospitals in MHA’s HIIN are working to reduce overall patient harm by 20 percent and 30-day hospital readmissions by 12 percent.

“This award truly recognizes the employees of Perham Health and their deep commitment to quality, safety, and patient and family-centered care. I am extremely proud of our dedicated team,” said Chuck Hofius, Perham Health’s CEO.

“Perham Health has demonstrated a commitment to strengthening patient safety in Minnesota, contributing to our state’s well-deserved reputation for high-quality health care,” said Dr. Rahul Koranne, MHA’s chief medical officer. “Working in partnership, care team members from hospitals and health systems across the state are improving health outcomes for our patients, families and communities.”

To earn this recognition, Perham Health has been a leader in quality improvement in the MHA HIIN. Perham Health invested resources to report on at least 75 percent of process measures, met HIIN reduction goals on 70 percent of eligible outcome measures, and implemented patient and family engagement efforts. Perham Health is focusing attention on 19 of the HIIN focus areas, including medication safety, reducing numbers of infections, falls, sepsis, and pressure injuries, while partnering with patients and families for better outcomes.

Major parts of Perham Health’s focus on improvement in these focus areas have revolved around improving the prevention of infection and violence.

Efforts toward infection prevention include hiring a dedicated infection control nurse, who helps to lead and implement best practices in preventing infections across multiple departments. Renewed focus has been placed on educating and training staff on proper hand hygiene, to prevent infection, as well as utilizing an all-encompassing, team approach, to work with managers, clinicians, and environmental services on recognizing how everyone plays an important role in keeping patients safe.

To assist in preventing violence at Perham Health, controlled access has been added to the emergency department exam and trauma rooms, changes related to staffing, and a specially-designed “safe room” has been created in the department.

A third major focus is the continuation of Perham Health’s commitment to person-centered care. This commitment is shown, in part, by the impact of Perham Health’s Partners in Care Council, which celebrates its 10 year anniversary this fall. The council is made up of patient and family partners and community members who want to help improve quality, safety, and the patient/family experience at all points of care throughout the organization. They attend monthly council meetings and have opportunities to participate in other committees, such as quality council, infection control, and the falls committee, throughout the organization. These council members are very involved in patient and family activities throughout Perham Health.

Perham Health’s Partners in Care Council along with with nurses and providers

Perham Health’s Partners in Care Council along with with nurses, providers, and administration members.

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If interested in learning more about becoming a patient and family partner, please call Jill Carlson, Director of Patient and Family Centered Care at (218) 347-1461 or email